8-Week Language Revitalization

Ongoing Regular Language Gatherings

An 8-week training consists of an initial two weeks of training, then a series of consecutive 4-day weekends and planned community language nights mid-week. Beginning with the initial two weeks of training, the community is guided through the creation and maintenance of community language nights. New teachers will have the ability to organize, recruit, and teach members of their own community while having the advantage of constant mentoring from the Language Hunters team. The community collectively documents and organizes accessible, context-based, audio and visual material.

A Shared Community Vision of Language Revitalization

By the end of 8 weeks, the habits of the community will be shifted towards regularly scheduled community language events and a shared vision of strengthening their language. This community will now serve as an anchor for neighboring communities as they reach out and share their expertise.

We recommend that an 8-week training coincide with local school or community college fall, winter, spring, or summer class schedules. This will allow families to plan around other regularly scheduled events that often coincide with school calendars.

Contact us by email—info@languagehunters.org.