Save This Language

Becky Bendixen, Director of NW Unangax Culture

Unangam Tunuu

This language of the people of the Aleutian Island chain off the southwestern coast of Alaska, is spoken by only 65 Unangan. One-third of the Unangan people live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Language Hunters is working with NW Unangax Culture, a Seattle area non-profit, to produce a series of community trainings that will empower everyday Unangan to revitalize their own language.

How you can help


Your $100 donation provides about one day of Language Hunter training to an Unangan speaker who will become a community leader in the revitalization of their language.


Become a Language Hunter - register for an upcoming workshop and join the team training the Unangan people to become self-sufficient language revitalizers.

Do you know another language that needs our help? Please tell us.