Language Hunting for Everyone

We sometimes call Language Hunting an “open source” learning system; it grows as the community of players grows, improves as the community improves. People are taking Language Hunting to places we never imagined when we first developed it, and teaching us things about how people teach and learn from one another.

For Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Language Hunting is an ideal tool for helping those confronted with a new culture and language to become self-sufficient. Communities that struggle with traditional ESL programs can use LH methods to teach each other the English language skills needed for economic opportunity and security without abandoning their heritage language. Language Hunting enables self-reliance.

For Families

Language Hunting sets the stage for whole families to have fun learning and become fluent together. All ages, from infants to elders, have a role to play, and something to contribute to conversational play. Homeschooling/unschooling children and teens have a special opportunity to immerse themselves in fluency game play, spending days hunting languages across diverse communities and starting new relationships with fluent speakers and immigrants from all over the world.

For Language Enthusiasts and World Travelers

Language Hunting has become quite popular with language aficionados. Whether learning a major language, like French, or a less common tongue, like Klingon, Language Hunting gatherings are happening all over the world.

Once you’ve learned LH methods, any encounter with a native speaker becomes a language hunting opportunity. It’s also an opportunity to connect across language barriers, bringing people together who might otherwise never interact.

Not Just for Languages

LH techniques come from the Fluency Hunting Model, and apply to all realms of skill acquisition: 

For Instructors, Coaches and Consultants

As a design system for generating accelerated learning environments, the Fluency Hunting model trains you to rapidly identify effective behaviors and strategies in expert practitioners, document them, and share them with others in accelerated trainings.

For Creative Teams, Agile Workplaces

Fluency Hunting offers a set of working agreements that accelerate group learning, supporting team acquisition of both technical and process skills—meeting facilitation, feedback, process improvement and more.

Organizational Change

Fluency Hunting represents a new culture of interaction, and thus can help organizations bridge difficult transformations of organizational processes and structure.

And so much more…

Fluency Hunting has already created an impact in many non-language skill domains, such as software development, gymnastics, martial-arts, music, and more. The applications of the Fluency Hunting framework are really only limited by your imagination.