Teaching a Language

A Flexible Tool

With hundreds of techniques that apply to a wide range of challenges, you can use Language Hunting to tailor your classroom environment to meet your institutional and personal goals.

Start the Conversation

The Language Hunting fluency game has an immediate impact—it starts students talking right away, in fluent conversations and full sentences. You can feel the confidence level in the classroom building.

Students and Instructors become allies

Sharing the techniques of Language Hunting allows advanced students to take a more active role, mentoring their peers and supporting their instructor by wielding themselves the techniques that accelerate learning and teaching.

Advanced students stay engaged. Shy or struggling students begin building confidence.

Intuitive understanding and increased Retention

Students will have better retention of vocabulary, intuitive understanding of grammar, and carry the confidence and skill to practice their language skills with fluent speakers in their community, on trips abroad and in their own reading.

Inspiring Language Hunters

In addition, your advanced students have a remarkable opportunity. Through consistent Language Hunt play, they learn strategies for quickly learning and teaching any language. They become self-sufficient language hunters capable of acquiring fluency in any language through everyday conversation with fluent speakers.