Buy The All-In-One Game Set



The Language Hunt game set is just $29.99 (plus shipping), and comes with one fabric game board (stuff-able in your pocket or bag, for games at home and on-the-go) and 3 small decks of cards for Novice, Intermediate, and Free Play.

It does not include the digital format tutorial packet, which is periodically updated and you can download free here.

If you're in Portland, contact us for a free 30 min in-person tutorial to get started!

If you are outside the U.S. or Canada your shipping rates will be higher - email us for more info.

Irish Language Hunting


An ongoing project, we host weekends and weeklong camps of Irish conversation, games, and culture. Stay tuned for our next event.

Free Webinars

We offer quarterly webinars on the craft of language hunting, and the 5 fundamental Rules of Language Hunting that drive the accelerated learning!  Subscribe to our mailing list to be kept updated on our next free webinar.